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Wednesday, July 12, 2017
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Piao Lin

Last bayonet batle were US regiment participate

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65th inf.regiment  the Borinqueer regiment whose were the last infantry UNIT whose participated in the last bayonet fight during the Korean war as register so far in the war  books history.

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    • By Stephen N Russell
      Best S Korean made movie on Korean War.
      Good FX, costuming,  period pieces, etc.
      Liam Neelson is OK as Macarthur but Gregory  Peck was better.
      Good CG FX used.
      Story about 8 elite undercover  men to find chart to minefield offshore for landing.
      No backstory to Unit until end IE training etc not seen.
      Only newest movie made about Korean War, since last  one I saw was Pork Chop  Hill & Men Of the Fighting Lady, Bridges  of Toko Ri.
      Need more  Korean War tales.
      IE If we had such strong bombing offensive, why did we sign Truce with No Korea.
      Didnt  our bombers wreck No Korean economy??
      Or was the truce signed due to Russia & China entry into War?
      Must see movie, non Epic.

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