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Wednesday, July 12, 2017
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Trouble Continues for F35 Fighter Plane as Entire US Fleet Grounded

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This article lacks balance.  The piece only describes issues that the jet has encountered while entering service. The grounding lasted only as long as inspections were conducted to determine serviceability of the offending part. As of this writing, most of the jets are back in service.  Every aircraft has teething issues, especially early in it's life cycle.  Arguably the best USN interceptor of all time, the F-14 Tomcat crashed on it's maiden flight.  This jet went on to be a world beater.  Please add some balance to your pieces.  The second photo captioned as a " F-35A Lightning II" is actually an F-22 Raptor, you might notice the dual engine shock diamonds caused by the afterburners.

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    • By Peter Lalor
      There are repeated instances of the USA DFC appearing in your articles when the recipient actually received the British (or British Commonwealth) DFC.
      The British/Commonwealth DFC is totally different.
      Please use the correct illustration.
    • By Paladin
      Please tell George Winston that the photos are great, but the headline and the message of the article are flawed.  He should stick to photography.  ADS-B means Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast.  It literally means that aircraft equipped with this system are broadcasting their position in the National Airspace to ground receivers.  The F-35 has the equipment and is required to 'squawk' to enable safe separation from traffic.  In the 'war' mode the aircraft obviously doesn't do this.  Locating military aircraft in combat requires a skin paint that can only be done be some sort of radar.  ADS-B receivers don't broadcast.  I believe you need a technical editor to review articles.

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