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Wednesday, July 12, 2017
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Keith Lenthall Wells

Pte John Wells Cheshire Regiment, formerly RA Based near Wick Scotland. Army Number 956140

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My father was Killed in Action whilst part of a batallion attacking the Town of Winsen Am Aller in NW Germany, close to where the notorious Belsen Prison Camp was discovered, and the truth of the Internment Camps revealed to the world. I was born in September of that year. 

I have only sketches details of the circumstances, from Battle Reports, other than the proximity of Belsen meant there was a crack SS and Wehrmacht Troops Division there to divert attention from Belsen, and my father was killed, whilst pursuing  fleeing regular German Troops.

If anyone has any information regarding this phase of the war, I would love to hear it. He was with the Cheshire Regiment 1st Battalion.

I have brief reference to the particular action, from the War Memoirs of Arthur Crookenden.

Many thanks.

Keith Lenthall Wells

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