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Wednesday, July 12, 2017
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Jon M Brown

Age of Tanks (4 part mini series Netflix)

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Has anyone see this?  I've watched the 4 episodes over the past couple of days, found it somewhat enjoyable but not without major flaws.  My main gripe is with the narration.  It happened to be a female but that's not the problem, she was droning, boring and was obviously reading a script.  As a person who has done voice-over work and commentating, I feel like I can say that.  It bothers me to think that she may have been given the position because she is a female and NOT because she was the best person available.  I've heard plenty of excellent female narrators by the way but this person made watching the series more difficult and far less enjoyable.  

As for the content itself, it wasn't bad but they spent more time talking about politics and events in history without making a strong connection to tanks and tank history and not enough time talking about the tanks themselves.  I also noted a couple of rather dubious statements, not the least of which was "the mightiest of the allied armies at the end of WWII was the Soviets".  Largest?  Perhaps...but in no way shape or form were they the "mightiest".  

Anyway, I'm interested to know if anyone else has seen it and what thoughts do you have?

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