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Wednesday, July 12, 2017
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Jon M Brown

U.S. reserves & troops WWII question


Like most of you I'm sure, I watch just about every history documentary I come across.  And often times, in the midst of watching a question will pop into my head.  I usually pull out my phone and do a quick google search and that satisfies my curiosity...most of the time.

One question that I have asked a few times but never found a definitive answer is this; Exactly how many troops, reserves or trainees were in the United States toward the end of WWII?  I ask this because I have read a number of accounts of Eisenhower requesting and being denied reinforcements for the push into Germany, not long before the Ardennes offensive.  I don't recall exactly how many divisions he asked for but it was substantial.  So that made me wonder why he was refused and were the troops even available in the first place? 



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