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Wednesday, July 12, 2017
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Must see museumship:

Every veteran who served is recognized & named over the PA with a Thank You for Your service.

No audio wands on tour.

Follow yellow arrows.

Much work to be done.

No food service.

Can take pieces  of deck home for 5.00

On tour Did NOT see CIC,Mn Engine spaces or Main battle turret for16 in guns.

Much more to be done.

Arriving on deck, the deck watch asks if any is military or former,U give him your details  & hear name announced  over PA.

No food service ashore.

Signage helps explain tour

Love the  5 in turrets, compact size.

Much labor  in a BB alone for all manned guns.

16 in guns alone had huge workforce.

See Iowa, San Pedro CA, near Cruise Terminal Center.

Take 110 Frwy to San Pedro.


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    • By Stephen N Russell
      Anyone work, service, test fly, these planes:?
      B19, B32, B40, Rainbow 12, XP67, Skystreak, B54
    • By Rex
      Other than the markings stating it is a no4 mk II bayonet what do the other 2 little imprints mean?          
      The B symbol in between the K and II?
      the little curve with a kind of hook on the right end above the O? - marking or scratch?
      And lastly, overall value of the bayonet? I have a cover stamped, 1944 mk1 aswell.


    • By Stephen N Russell
      Checked online  & seen  nothing about U Boats hiding along riverways in Brazil, Venezula, Ecuador from Allied patrols in So Atlantic.
      Media model: Murphys War, 1971.( On DVD). Peter O Toole, best  role since Lawrence Arabia.
      From novel, written.
      Anyone who served in Merchent Marine or RN, USN hear of U Boats hiding in riverways after damage etc??
      Or  Hollywood fiction.
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      Wkipediaied  the Ploesti Raid & one thing stands  out:
      No Intel from any if partisan units to the Allies on German AA defenses etc.
      or did I miss  something.
      Or was area under total Nazi control & no gueriila efforts in area during raid.
    • By Nameless556
      The reasons they lost the war:
      1 They did not just take out Britain after the blitz of France, Belgium etc.  
      Yes I am  aware it would still be very difficult for the Nazis to do this.
      2 Invade Russia without enough materials, Tanks, Guns, men.
      If they had also gotten Japan to invade Siberia.
      Waited  to gather oil from Romania,
      Not halt the Strumgewer program
      and just more men.
      Have Japan wait to get the united States in the war.
      If Japan would have waited they could very well had a better chance of winning the war.
      Less Submarines more cruisers.  If the Nazis had built more cruisers, battleships.  
      They could have put more of a strain on the British war effort. 

      Better anti aircraft guns. 
      If this was done the Nazi war effort would have been much less effective.