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Wednesday, July 12, 2017
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My father  was also a pilot in Vietnam at Ia Drang and was mentioned in the book We were soldiers once and Young. He has the Silver Star medal,  received the SS for a different battle in 1966...we think he deserves the MOH.

Instead, he immediately voluntarily departed from his assigned logistics mission to another unit and flew to the more distant location where 50 WIA had been waiting for 3-hours for medical evacuation huddled in a deep valley’s B-52 bomb crater suffering continuous enemy fire from the hill above.  NO gunship suppressive fire support would be available to accompany Mr. Schramm’s voluntary sorties.

Two times, Mr. Schramm descended and ascended, round and round a volcano-like valley surrounded by enemy firing down from the hillsides on to the American unit huddled in the B-52 bomb crater with some of the 

50 WIA near death.  When Mr. Schramm’s 2-acft arrived, he impressed the two medical evacuation aircraft crews to accompany the landings assuring them that his section of 2-acft had 4 machine guns would suppress most of the enemy fire.  On each of his 2 lifts, he saved his own acft from crashing twice. Upon his first landing, he found the infantry in disarray. Without hesitating, he immediately exited his own aircraft, all the while under enemy fire, and organized the loading of the WIA. On his first lift out at about 30 feet, his rotor and engine disengaged causing him to immediately slam down his collective control to re-engage the two and continue ascending, thus saving his aircraft from crashing and possibly killing all on board, including himself.  On his second landing, his 20-min yellow warning fuel light had lit, yet he continued and evacuated the remaining WIA knowing the medical facility was 15-min away.  Upon short final approach to the medical facility with his 5-min red warning fuel light having been on, his engine quit causing him to execute an immediate auto-rotation to the landing site, thus again saving his aircraft from crashing and possibly killing all on board, including himself.  

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