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Wednesday, July 12, 2017
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After reading Mr. Moncure's article today about the Rangers and the cliffs at the 'Pointe', I would suggest anyone wishing to learn the true story of that assault (And the attack on the 'real' gun positions located near a town called 'Maisy') should read Gary Sterne's book "The Cover-Up at Omaha Beach". To make a long story short, the assault on the cliffs appeared not only to be unnecessary (Allied intelligence and the local 'resistance' had been telling the higher ups that there were NO guns at the 'Pointe', hence, no chance they could kill "thousands") but was done because General Eisenhower  deemed it a photo opportunity (The author points out that this assault was the only to have its own camera team). 

The author also brings up the point that General Rommel, Eisenhower's opposite on the German side, used 'Pointe du Hoc' for many, many photo opportunities, as if daring the Allies to try to take it. Indeed, Eisenhower called it the number one target for the initial invasion. Meanwhile, the batteries at Maissy functioned not only during June 6th but for two or three days after until the Rangers finally took the sight. 

In no way does this lessen the heroism the Rangers displayed at Omaha; I know because my uncle was there and the fighting was as intense as any during the first days of 'Overlord". But those same Rangers did, finally, 'take out' the guns at Maissy.

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