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Wednesday, July 12, 2017
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Stephen N Russell

Pacific Battle Jungle Combat Exp

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Setting: Kauai, Big Island HI, Puerta Vallarata Mexico, PR,:

Heavy jungle rainforest locales.

Experience features:

US Base camps.

Japanese camps, bunkers, pillboxes, etc.

Rear Area camp life.

PT Boat rides.(replica full size PT Boats)

Mock jungle raids.

UDT swimming experience ( clear mines).Yes swim & clear faux mines.

Spec  Op raids.

Gun Range exp

Exp would honor USMC.& Navy & USCG.


Guests would arrive by Boat or 4X4 or copter to Base camp area for Experience.

Dining fare: Sushi, American, Australian, British, Island IE Dutch, French fare.


Sample Experiences:



Makin Island, Tarawa, Einiweok, Saipan,

New Britian, PNG???


HI Benefits:

worldwide tourism base


Use idle forest acerage for camp

Re use WW2 camp  plans, etc.

OK use local forestland spaces.

Year round combat Exp.

$$$ for HI tourism

Honor MC Raiders.

Honor those in Jungle Combat then.

Rain or shine combat games.

& OK side trips to Host Island IE Kauai, Molokai, Lanai? Big Island.



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Timerover51    26

Makin was an Army show, while Tarawa was Marines.  Neither was heavy jungle, with Tarawa being an airstrip surrounded by a fringe of beach with coconut palms.  Guadalcanal was not all heavy jungle, but Cape Gloucester was really nasty.  Eniwetok was another coral atoll with no heavy jungle, while Saipan was a combination of fields, some forest, and a lot of rugged terrain that had not a lot of growth.  Check out some of the World War 2 footage on archive.org for some idea of what things were like.

The Marines did not participate in the New Guinea campaign.

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VON AL    6

Recently i met a beaut bunch of folk from Kiribati Islands, living in Melbourne, Australia. I was quite excited to learn that Tarawa is the principal island in the group. As a kid, the images of USMC casualties, really stuck in my mind.

Sadly, from Australia, airfare is around $2000. To Fiji is cheap enough, but the smaller plane to Tarawa is the expensive part. It would seem there isn't much in the way of relics there.

In 1989/92 i had two trips to Guam & Saipan. That was terrific.. I'd love to go back. In that era, Continental Airlines had a beaut island hopping deal. Ideally, we should've done Guam/Saipan/ Truk etc...4- 5 islands were optioned from memory? Only downside was time lost in transit, despite being short flights.

There were tours in Suzuki 4wd vehicles. Wish I'd done one.

Anyone been there since?

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VON AL    6

I'd be curious as to costs from USA? We stayed at a resort chain, PIC, Pacific Islands Club which was great value.

Saipan was then, relatively undeveloped. No idea today?

I recall Mt Suribachi?, as an imposing feature. The little sedan we hired wouldn't make it up the steep gravel road, the Suzuki 4wds could. I swear on a rock face, there were huge 'pock marks' that were too uniform in location, to be erosion? Battleship sized shell hits? The  'Japanese Command Post' was a bit illuminating too. It had taken a large cal round plus some 20mm? There would've been a solid pink mist in there!

I'm busting to get back now!!!


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