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Wednesday, July 12, 2017
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Enjoyed reading USS Leopold by Gabe Christy. I am the youger brother of a Leopold survivor, Nelson "Sparky" Nersasian and not only got the Purple Heart for the entire crew and ship but also wrote the book " Never to Return" in 2018, the true story of the USS Leopod published by Lyons Press. It was on the Commandant of the US Coast Guard 2018 reading list and had a wonderful review in June 2018 Naval History Magazine by Admiral Howard Thorsen and received four stars by Tin Can Sailrs as well as feature articles in Trim but Deadly, the magazine of the USS Slater in Albany, NY.

Would love to communicate with Mr Christy. History has the Leopold story wrong. It was friendly fire that delayed the rescue and caused the death  of so many sailors, a fact  Captain Wilcox had no way of knowing that fateful evening of 9 March 1944, seventy-five years ago as I write this blog.

Robert Nersasian, Col US Army (ret)

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