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Wednesday, July 12, 2017
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Tim Groenevelt

Boat Pool Baker, Okinawa 1945


My Grandpa was part of Standard Landing craft unit # 36 which was Boat Pool Baker stationed on Okinawa in April 1945. I am trying to find information on Boat Pool Baker and or Standard Landing Craft unit # 36.

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I checked the Fold3 site and got 91 hits on the search "Boat Pool Baker" (with the quotation marks).  Most are simply passing reference on this or that page of whatever ship's war diary, usually along the lines of "transferred 3 LCMs to Boat Pool Baker".  Did not look at anywhere near all of them.  https://www.fold3.com

Might be worth a subscription to you, might not.  If not, they sometimes offer free access all their documents, usually for about a week around Memorial Day or Veterans Day, but they don't every year and you'd have to keep checking the site as those dates approach.

Access, paid subscription or otherwise, will allow you to download the page of the document of your interest.

A boat pool was a repair and distribution operation for small craft, up to, including, and apparently predominantly, landing type craft. These were distributed across the Service Force as necessary in support of supply functions at various installations and activities in operations. From what I’ve seen in a brief run through on boat pools in general was that the constant demand from fleet subordinate activities put considerable stress on operations, thus the need for various AKA vessels to transfer their boats TAD to the Boat Pool to meet the demand.  In other words, a captain might be told to TAD a number of his boats to the Boat Pool so that the Pool can further assign them to a specific task.

For what it is worth.



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