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Wednesday, July 12, 2017
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    • By Maksym Chornyi
      An enormously detailed 2000-page-volume ‘HITLER’ by Ian Kershaw is indeed among the best examples of military history studies. As mean to express respect to the author, I have made, as always, an enthusiastically detailed material on the first volume (1889-1936: Hubris). I invite you to deepen into Kershaw’s career and motivation, to examine correlation with previous classic Hitler’s biographies (Bullock, Fest, Maser, Hamann, Toland), to draw the lines on popular myths with I. Kershaw.
      I hope this exhaustive book review would motivate you to invest time in reading. I would greatly appreciate your feedback. You may now find a ‘follow’ button within the article to stay in touch.

    • By Maksym Chornyi
      ‘TRIUMPH OF THE WILL’ Analysis
      After my August trip to Nuremberg and visiting ww2 sites, I’ve decided to manage a thoroughly detailed historical and movie analysis of the most well-known propaganda movie in history. Let’s deepen into the personality of Leni Riefenstahl, the historical features of the “Triumph of the Will”, analyze each of the 12 scenes in detail, plan by plan – speech by speech, as well as the movie techniques, behind the scenes story. I’ve used an extensive library on the subject and two weeks of work finalized in an article of 5000-words volume.
      Please feel free to comment. Feedback inspirers me to travel, write and share thoughts.

    • By Maksym Chornyi
      HITLER IN VIENNA 1906-1913 SITES
      My 2017 visit to Vienna and Austria included a number of historical sites and I want to share a detailed review of the sites, connected with Adolf Hitler and his so-called 1906-1913 ‘’Viennese period”. I have used a number of books about Vienna, biographies of Hitler, including Ian Kershaw’s and Briggite Hamann’s masterpieces to cover the exhaustedly detailed 6000-word article on Hitler early years and the story of these particular city sites. As always, you can count on me to find plenty of photos and Google maps with all markings.
      Hope, you will enjoy the material and inspire yourself to travel, read books and to give me feedback. Please leave comments, ask questions, suggest alterations, share with friends and those interested.

    • By Maksym Chornyi
      Hitler in Linz and Leonding 1899-1907 (Then and now)
      I’ve visited the city of Linz and Leonding suburb to find all main places of Adolf Hitler’s childhood and youth within 1899-1907-period. Historical information, biographical notes, actual state and 50+ archive and new photos with a map.

    • By Adam R
      Hitler at first underestimated Stalin describing his government as "nothing more than an international criminal ring". But when the war in the East turned, Hitler realised he had an equally formidable and ruthless opponent, "he (Stalin) is a hell of a fellow, in his own way" said Hitler (quote from Albert Speer's memoirs). 
      Hitler and Stalin were responsible for millions of deaths, wars, invasions, war crimes and atrocities.
      Who do you think was worse amongst these twentieth century despots? 

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