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Wednesday, July 12, 2017
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Stephen N Russell

Dunkirk Review

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Awesome movie, must see in 70mm mode.

Good acting, subplots, action& costuming.


Movie would have been better had we had meeting in London for  OP Mercury then slide over to see civilians manning boats & or Allied forces fleeing France for Dunkirk city  & beach proper.

Best sequences when torpedo struck rescue  ship& the 3 Spitfires fighting Me 109s& He111 over Channel.

Saw  NO RAF fighters  over  beaches shooting down Stukas plaguing Rescue efforts.

Very disjointed.

Otherwise A for Special FX,  Filiming

One for the ages & above Saving Pvt Ryan.



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Best sequences: In the Spitfires, ditching, the gliding & landing.dogfights & audio FX.

Troops being torpedoed

Stukas dive bombing.

Surreal & Real.,

& 70MM is the Must see mode.


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