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Wednesday, July 12, 2017
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The most famous mortar team of WWII

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3-inch mortar team at the Oosterbeek Perimeter near Arnhem during Operation Market Garden.

Corporal Jim McDowell (foreground), Private Norman 'Jock' Knight and (facing the camera) Private Ron 'Ginger' Tierney of No. 23 Mortar Platoon, Support Company 1st Border Regiment of the 1st Airborne Division.


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      Hi Patriots,
      I'm a 100% disabled Vietnam combat Veteran, 1968, 123rd Aviation Battalion,Company A (Huey) and Company B(OH-6, OH-23).  I served as crew chief and door gunner.
      Married 47 years with 3 daughters, 3 granddaughters and one poor abused grandson.  My 19 yr old granddaughter Abby is attending LSU and in the Color Guard.
      I'm retired from Bellsouth Telecommunications (South Central Bell, AT&T, etc.) I rode motorcycles all my life  until recently and I am a commercial pilot, although not flying anymore.(one leg and diabetes)
      I love to hear your war stories.  Bring 'em on.Crewing a gunship.tifCrewing a gunship.tif
      First Oh-23.tif 400x400 pixels.tif
    • By Peter Lion
      Some may not know this TRUE story and if that's the case I want to point you to www.americanstnick.com where there's plenty of information on the story. Worth noting is that the main figure in the story, Mr. Richard Brookins, is still with us at 95 years young. A true hero.

    • By Peter Lion
      Hello all...
      I'm happy to be a part of War History Online. As the author of two books related to WWII ("American St. Nick-A True Story" www.americanstnick.com & "MERG" www.Merg-TheBook.com) this is the place to be. It's also worth noting that my first book, American St. Nick-A True Story was made into an Emmy-winning documentary film by the WWII Foundation. It airs nationally on PBS stations in the US throughout the Christmas holiday season. You can also download it from the WWII Foundation website. A link to their website is on the American St. Nick website listed above. Both my books tell TRUE stories and although this may sound like self promotion, I'm only letting you know that even through that war is long over, there are still stories and personal accounts waiting to be told by those still with us. One of the best ways to connect that "greatest generation" to this one is through the telling of those stories. I hope you agree.

    • By Joris
      The road bridge at Arnhem, it has been named after Lt-Colonel John Frost, the commander of the 2nd Parachute Battalion.
      His forces, which included men from other units, captured and held the north end of the bridge during Operation Market Garden in September 1944.